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NextPath Medial was created to meet the growing crisis and epidemic of substance use disorder.  Led by our commitment to our patients, we offer 24/7 treatment access with an ultra-low barrier, harm-reduction strategy.


We believe that by providing increased access to treatment, we can achieve the most good for our communities, and help our patients achieve their NextPath. 


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Dr. Nathan C. Claydon MD MBA FACP

Founder and Medical Director

Dr. Claydon is a board-certified Internal Medicine specialist with a passion for a addiction treatment.  He believes that EVERY Patient should have easy access to treatment when they are ready for their NextPath. 

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Dr. Carl Alsup MD

Addiction Medicine Specialist

Dr. Alsup is a highly respected Emergency Department Physician with a special interest in substance use disorders.  Dr. Alsup has been on the forefront of opiate use disorder treatment. 

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Dr. Phillip Summers MD MPH

Addiction Medicine Specialist

Dr. Summers is a board certified ED physician with extensive experience with medication assisted treatment (MAT) and substance use disorders.  Dr. Summers advocates for high-quality, compassionate care without stigma. 

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